Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



That one time when I was the headline of an Irish Times article

Luas strike: Getting a bus like ‘The Hunger Games’ Mark Grealish, Windy Arbour, said his previous experience of getting the bus during a strike was like “The Hunger Games” and “way too hard”.


It’s saturated as fuck, but who’s counting? Killruddery House, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Start of summer dinner

Big cheers to Aafke, Eric, Petra, Sinead, Vlastik, who joined Eadaoin and I for a gratuitous start-of-summer dinner at the Cedar Tree Lebanese restaurant.

The view from the window

I like my office.

Google Cardboard

Subtitle: literally a white guy wearin’ a virtual reality headset. Google Cardboard is expensive as fuck in Ireland for no good reason. There are no Irish vendors who sell the cardboard headsets, and the single Amazon vendor who sells them demands €20 + shipping. Ebay? Four euro if I wait an extra week for delivery […]

I did it!

200,420 blocked spam comments!

Looking for Zen in all the wrong places

I subscribe to the idea that we are the byproduct of a dumb, deterministic universe, although I stop stop of acceptance of full-on causal determinism. Everything, everywhere came about because the physical constants of the universe all permit stuff to happen. Worlds form, stars fuse hydrogen and galaxies fly away from one another into the […]

I saved the day with math!

(OR: How to determine whether one array contains a subset of another in JavaScript) Web development in the Rails universe is like code Lego: pick the right Bootstrap classes, fiddle the jQuery selectors and align the sprockets, among other such crap. This is fully as intensive (and boring) as any other area of programming, but […]

Teeny Minecrafters

The stars aligned, we got to play Minecraft with Caira and Garrett.

Great Blasket Island

There are seals and dolphins and Fastnet Rock in this photograph if you look!