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Strandhill panoramics

These are panoramas taken over the past few days in and around Strandhill, Co. Sligo.

Accidental mutual panoramas

We shot in opposite directions, each telling the other to frigging move.

Eadaoin at Ballysadare Bay, Sligo

We had showers and wind and rain and sunshine and rain and sand and rainbows and sunshine in the space of ten minutes. Strandhill is a truly gorgeous spot. Pointless cross-processing effects for the win. \o/

Farthest Galway, the Maamturks, Kylemore Abbey and Killary Harbour

These photographs are presented with only light consideration given to their proper order.

Slea Head and the Blasket Islands

Spoiler: there were dolphins, and the views were as cold as they were spectacular. Naive and stupid as we were, we didn’t dress for summer on the Atlantic west coast. By this I mean that we should have dressed for winter on the east coast.

Two views on the road from Dingle to Inch Strand

The Killiney Hill obelisk

It’s been four years since I last processed a black and white image. Be gentle.

Sligo Bay from the peak of Knocknarea

We climbed up, got lost in a cloud, then climbed right back down. Then we had a seaweed bath which caused me to have a panic attack.

Selfies from the roof of the world

And this during our ‘conquest’ of Knocknarea.

Spectacular sunset skies over Dublin

Converging anticrepuscular rays and a forming lenticular cloud photographed from Churchtown, Dublin.

Yeah, we got a kitten

Meet Cookie:

Manly Sugarloaf selfie

I have it, so eh, why not flaunt it?

Cookie naptime



Blue eyes, red hair, big heart.

Airplane casting its own shadow on the sky

The title, uh, says it all.

On the side of the Sugar Loaf, July 2016

Alanna and I climbed the Great Sugar Loaf last Saturday, then hiked down into Enniskerry. Great afternoon!


This was my Saturday

Cats, cats, cats.

Shiny new Roost laptop stand

The Roost laptop stand is awesome! It has freed up a chunk of space on my desktop, and moved my laptop far enough away from my USB hub that I no longer get the bad EM interference that kills my WiFi connection.