Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



Cookie in the kitchen

Photograph by Eadaoin.

To be honest, we’re hot shit

Yeah, look at us.

To mum

Mum, There are many things that I’ve wanted to say to you for years. I’ve tried to say some of it, now and again, but it always seems to come out wrong; usually someone will get their back up; or you stonewall me; or you get upset and Jennifer drags herself into the conversation to […]

“Hello world!” from elm

I am teaching myself functional programming and MV JavaScript applications by way of Elm. Although Elm has so far managed to wreck my head, parts of it have begun to be less opaque. /tooting intensifies import Html exposing (Html, text, div, button, h3) import Html.App exposing (beginnerProgram) import Html.Events exposing (onClick) main = beginnerProgram { […]

Misty morning at the River Dodder

Eadaoin and I caught some gorgeous light on our walk to work.

Garrett’s seventh birthday

Disapproving Cookie

I don’t know why I feel so judged, but I do.

Spanish Point Eadaoin

Taken at Maria and Adrian’s wedding in September 2016. :)

Dublin skies, September 2016

Cloud iridescence and lenticular clouds in one day!


Simple recursive array map. function map(arr, callback) { return !arr.length ? [] : [callback(arr[0])].concat(map(arr.slice(1), callback)); }

Like three times worse

Overheard today at work: God keeps killing unicorns. This is worse than kill_orphans.

This is my life meow

I’m a Cookie cot.

Cookie says hi!

with recursion

today i solved a problem with recursion today i solved a problem with today i solved a problem today i today solved i recursion i today with^C^C^C

Dump (and pretty print) all function arguments to the console

A Lodash-infused variant of this function is my lifeline at work (ALL the ES6 syntaxes!): function dump() { [...arguments].forEach(arg => { console.log(JSON.stringify(arg, null, '\t')); }); } For example: dump( { messages: { hello: 'World!', goodbye: 'Moon!' } }, ['Apples', 'Oranges', 'Peaches', 'Pears'] ); { "messages": { "hello": "World!", "goodbye": "Moon!" } } [ "Apples", "Oranges", […]

Lough Glenicmurrin

I close my eyes now, and open them two years ago. The sun is on my face. There are only two colours in the world, green and blue. Water laps, insects buzz, and the wind sighs soft in my ear. The only things I see are the lake, the mountains, and my friends. Eadaoin’s by […]

I went full hacker

Friends don’t let friends friends go full hacker. It turns out that a 76 centimetre monitor turned to portrait is completely unusable for teh hax0ring-I had a neck ache inside of a half hour, and I went back to a single screen before lunch. Years of Openbox with powerful keyboard shortcuts have ruined my ability […]