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Listos version: Lots happened, more yet to come. Stay tuned.

You can’t go home again

Time’s an arrow, one way, here to there, that you can’t turn back. Because that’d be nonsensical, to undo what makes you, you.

Winter tree, winter sky

Taken at Blackrock Park.

Rails 5 join table naming conventions

This is a stupid fucking thing, but here we are. My underling and I wasted 40 minutes today re-figuring this out. Migration: class PluralSingular < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.0] create_join_table :plural, :plural end Model: app/model/foo.rb class Foo < ApplicationRecord has_many :plural_singular has_many :plural, through: :plural_singular end Join model: app/model/plural_singular.rb class PluralSingular < ApplicationRecord belongs_to :foo belongs_to :bar end

Clearly a sushi lover

The grimmest grim view that ever grimmed a grim

Taken from the shore at Blackrock.

The hard life of a vim multitasker

No respite.

Hear me roar!

Simple and dumb MOC theme

MOC <3 background = white default current_time = white default bold directory = white default disabled = white default empty_mixer_bar = white default empty_time_bar = white default enabled = white default bold entry = white default entry_title = white default error = white default bold,underline file = white default filled_mixer_bar = white default reverse filled_time_bar […]

Add sub-controller modules to Rails 5 routing concerns

Routing concerns have been a thing since Rails 4, but this morning I ran into a real annoyance: the documentation doesn’t adequately explain how to pass a module, in cases where you use separate sub-controllers. More than that, even-what if I want to pass any other options? Here’s what I came up with, using splats […]

Oh, Cookie

“No Cookie! Feet are friends, not food! Feet are not for teeth!”

This is the unseen side of my professional working life

The struggle is real.