Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



New Home, New Life


Annacrivey Woods

Taken while hiking the Wicklow Way.

The Kitter-ties

Geddit? Liberties?

Kilgobbin Church and Three Rock, Dublin

Snapshots from the Wicklow Way

Although by “Wicklow Way” I mostly mean “Cloghnagun” in this case.

Circular shift Roman letters in CoffeeScript

This Codewars problem annoyed the crap out of me. shift = (letter, amount) -> mod = if /[A-Z]/.test letter then 65 else 97 String.fromCharCode mod + (letter.charCodeAt(0) + amount) % mod % 26 The formula to constrain a number to a range is: (range_start + offset_here) % range_start % range_size

In Malahide with my Mammy

Mum came up for the day as a surprise visit!

Three Rock and Ticknock Forest

I went up the mountain for a wander this evening, a perfect followup to tea in Malahide with my mum yesterday.

(Simple!) Sass/Scss margin size management

Like, fuck it. After something like three years fucking with this problem, a realization has come upon me that the simplest solutions are the best solutions. The core of my problem was this: I wanted to manage a set of margin and padding sizes from a central point. I want to base sizes all sizes […]

No to everything

I did an online quiz. Rabble rabble, power to the people.