Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



Nine Days Difference

Taken at Portobello, Dublin.

Storm Emma

Harold’s Cross and Rathmines on the first day of Storm Emma.

White Dublin

Snow around Rathmines and Harold’s Cross on the second and third days of Storm Emma.

Now in this Hush

Taken during the worst of the blizzard during Storm Emma.

I Don’t Get It

Over the last few months I’ve lost a bunch of weight-and continue to do so. At any given point, now will be lowest weight I’ve reached as an adult. Along the way here I learned the fundamental of compassion. With it have been able to reach out to the people in my life and become […]

Snowy Marlay Park

The beauty of transience-green yesterday, green tomorrow.

Majestic Mountain Man

Taken on my way down from Fairy Castle today. Yes, that’s ice. The weather was fucking brutal on top.

The Language of Agency

Given my personal history, how we grant agency has been a topic I’ve wanted to explore for a while. Despite her book’s many other problems, in Why Does He Do That?  Lundy Bancroft shows insight when she describes abusive decision as a function of the abuser’s value system. Each person has a decision structure-their value […]

Marlay Park

Kilmashogue Forest

Ticknock Forest

A Fairy Hike to a Fairy Castle

Yesterday winter came back around to grumble “And another thing…” in the middle of what otherwise should be a well-behaved spring. After Storm Emma I kicked myself that I didn’t get out of Harold’s Cross to see the parks or countryside around Dublin while we had snow. So when I saw snow on the ground […]

Dwejra Bay, Gozo

Home of the (former) Azure Window, Dwejra Bay on the west coast of Gozo is a glorious, beautiful place. The bay manages to convey a sense of serene isolation despite that several towns and villages are within a short march. On Saturday last I hiked from the bay over to the town of Xlendi. Photos […]

On Abuse

I have been an abuser. I committed physical violence against my spouse and children. For the longest time I manipulated and isolated my spouse, played them against their family and friends. Gaslighted and undermined. I attempted to control them by withholding money. I cheated on both my spouse and long-term partner. I’ve been that oily […]