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The Calm before the Storm

The Baily lighthouse in the rain before Storm Callum rolls in.


I have to start somewhere with the Iceland photos!

The Northern Lights

Taken at the Skíðaskálinn í Hveradölum lodge just outside of Reykjavik. This is a terrible photo taken handheld with Camera+ 2 as I learned on a wall in the car park. The aurora were the highest point of Iceland because I never before saw such a full display. In Sligo and Galway here in Ireland […]

Lonely Home

Taken in the Southern Region, Iceland, near Skógafoss.

SSE Airtricity Dublin Half Marathon 2018

Date: 2018-09-22 Time: 01:48:45 Distance: 21.1km Pace: 00:05:09/km Finished: 2579/6674 (39/100 normalised) Previous race: DLR Bay 10k 2018 The 2018 SSE Airtricity Half Marathon was both my first half marathon race and a major personal milestone. As I write this post in late October it has been a year since I took up running as […]

Hjartadagshlaupið (Heart Day) 2018 10k, Reykjavik

Date: 2018-09-29 Time: 00:46:52 Distance: 10km Pace: 00:04:39/km Finished: 57/188 (30/100 normalised) Previous race: SSE Airtricity Dublin Half Marathon My chip time for the run makes this run a new personal best, beating out the DLR Bay 10k finish by 15 seconds! The Hjartadagshlaupið (Heart Day) run seems to be an annual community in Reykjavik. […]

Gaelforce Howth Summit 10k 2018

Date: 2018-10-13 Time: 00:56:55 Distance: 10km Pace: 00:05:40/km Finished: 103/496 (21/100 normalised) Previous race: Hjartadagshlaupið 2018 10k, Reykjavik And this a whole different kettle of fish. Gaelforce runs are off the road, over the hill and somewhere far off by the sea in a league of their own. Where I enjoyed a flat and even […]

Decay and Renewal

Taken at Keem Beach, Achill Co. Mayo