Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



That is a Banana in my Beard

It has a story that you shouldn’t ask after. Self-portrait courtesy of my beautiful daughter. :)

Baily Evening Fog

Taken in Howth on February 28 2019.

Cuter than Your Kids

They’ll stab you if you say otherwise.

Running Friends

The most important tenet of my life has become the test of belief and faith.

At Least I Didn’t Pee Blood?

Go watch Why I Run by Exurb2a. His reasons are my reasons. Right now I’m training for Connemarathon in April and the Run Clare Half Marathon. By running more longer and more difficult courses than the race-and in any given weather-the run on the day will be easier. Today’s route (link) was my toughest yet, […]

Sacred Dissatisfaction

But now what now what? It’s this same moronic question I come back to after every bitty accomplishment. Well I ran over the hill. Now what? Oh great, I tackled some ineffable inner demon. What’s next? To paraphrase the song, I don’t want what I know, but I know what I want. Everything I have […]

Ik ben gelukkig

Ja, ik weet dat ik hier vaak klagen, maar…ik ben gelukkig. Ik werk, ren, drenk bier en leer Nederlands. Alles is goed. :)