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Run Clare 2019 Race Series

Scariff (Virtual) Date: 2019-01-26 Time: 00:33:03 Distance: 5km Pace: 00:06:37/km Finished: 646/878 (74/100) Barefield Date: 2019-02-17 Time: 00:39:11 Distance: 8km Pace: 00:04:54/km Finished: 125/888 (14/100) Ennis Date: 2019-03-30 Time: 00:45:08 Distance: 10km Pace: 00:04:31/km Finished: 88/809 (11/100) Lahinch Date: 2019-04-07 Time: 01:19:08 Distance: 16km Pace: 00:04:57/km Finished: 58/658 (9/100) Previous race: Galway City Harriers New […]

Blog Silence

The one rule I have kept to with this blog since the first day has been: write only when I feel like it. If the mood doesn’t take me, then I don’t. Well, truth be told here, the mood hasn’t taken me in some months. The first and big obvious reason for not writing has […]