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The Reykjavik Marathon

Date: 2019-08-24 Time: 03:44:54 Distance: 42km Pace: 00:05:20/km Finished: 321/1170 (27/100 normalised) Previous race: Achill Half Marathon (This post is presented as-is from a forum post.) The Reykjavik Marathon was held last weekend in, well, Reykjavik in Iceland. From a start at the Pond in the city center, the marathon led a long and scenic […]

Majestic (Half) Marathon Mark

Taken at the 2019 KBC Dublin Half Marathon in Phoenix Park, Saturday September 21. Look at that beard. Swoon at those specs.

Running Succccccks

“How do I be someone else?” became such an obsessive question that when it came to it I failed to see how I have. After Reykjavik I signed up for the Amsterdam full because I didn’t feel any sense of accomplishment. I grabbed my bag from the drop, had a bit of a cry outside […]

Nine Snaps of Barcelona

Nine snapshot photos of Montjuïc and Bareclona.

The Itty Bitty Icelandic Kitty Committee

It turns out Rejykavik is known for its many shopkeeper cats such as Ofelia! :3

More Fab Than Fab Itself

My partner, because fabulous!

Angular: Mock Component Transclusion in Angular 7+

Take tabbed content, where, at any time only one pane is shown out of several given. This is such a common pattern that the Angular guide for @ContentChildren uses tabs as an example of use. In very short, @ContentChildren() is syntactic sugar for the results of a query the compiled DOM. Matching elements are available […]