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Happy Dissonance

My last therapist told me part of why I struggle to find words for my emotions is that I rationalize over them. It sounds a bit dumb, so bear with me for a moment for an analogy with endurance running. The farther I run, the father and faster I can run. While there are techniques […]


March 20

My friend began to blog again, which made me feel guilty over my lack of attention here. Everything in my head has become such a thing that Sarah joke “I am the night!” with me. Whenever I come back here the post I want to write tries to hijack the blogging space as another struggle-piece. […]


Swiss Scenery

So I Guess I’m an Ultra Runner Now

On Sunday last I ran a 54 kilometre loop from Urdorf to Sihlbrugg and back again to Urdorf, in a little over seven hours! While I missed my target time by an hour, I am so happy to have completed training and the run in grand style.


Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

Today I ran the Madrisa T24 in Klosters, Switzerland, finishing 75/430 in 02:43:18. If past races have taught me anything, it’s that I get down. After Reykjavik I hit a deep low that lasted for weeks afterward. So, yeah, this is the wrong day to write about the last six months. I talked about the […]


Running at the Madrisa T24

This is probably the single photograph that best epitomizes the high points of the past six months in Switzerland.